What We Do

Assisting the Messenger – Advancing the Mission

“Look around you! Vast fields of human souls are ripening all around us, and are ready now for reaping.”   Jesus,  John 4:35, TLB

Local Churches

Assisting the Local Church to fulfill its mission.

The Local Church continues to be the most effective organism of growth and development in the faith. This community of believers has the opportunity to impact its neighborhoods for Christ and engage in sending laborers to help in the world harvest. We seek to encourage, equip and refresh the Local Church – home churches to churches in facilities – to reach its vision and mission.

Urban Centers

Igniting the urban church to reach the nations of the city.

Concentrations of peoples and cultures dwell in the urban domain. The nations of the world often migrate to and through urban centers creating a unique opportunity to reach the nations of the world with the message of the Gospel while fostering unity amongst all peoples. We assist the urban church to reach their cities for Christ.

Mission Initiatives

Resourcing international ministries and denominations. 

The international church desperately seeks training for its pastors, missionaries and  leaders and particularly in third world countries where training is limited and rare. Working together to identify and release the resources needed serves to empower the church to do the work of the ministry in the fields of the nations.

Coaching & Consultation

Training leaders for life and ministry.

Building the kingdom of God cannot be done without building people – and building people requires relationship. We purpose to know those whom we serve. Through relationship we life-coach and assist individuals, leaders and ministries to navigate their seasons of callings and missions while holding premier the care of people and their families above their organizations.

Conferences & Seminars

 Transformational teaching and impartation.

Custom designed training and refreshing occur through conference venues. Pastors and leaders seek focused ministry for their leaders, ministries, missions, men, women and teens to strengthen their people and ministries. These appointed times often provide concentrated personal growth while enjoying a fresh unity of vision and collaboration in mission.