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Who Can Join?

Mutual Faith Ministries & Network welcomes those who share our Statement of Faith and mission. Our Network is comprised of individuals, churches, ministries, denominations and networks forming a rich partnership and heritage within the global Christian community. Unlike other networks, individuals need not have credentials to partner with the network of Mutual Faith Ministries & Network. In like manner, Mutual Faith Ministries & Network honors credentials of like precious faith celebrating the diversity of expression within the Church of Jesus Christ.

Who Oversees?

We believe in the autonomy of church and ministries – to be self-governed within their own constitutional structures as member organizations. Becoming a part of the Network does not surrender partner organizations’ right to govern themselves.

What Is the Relationship?

Partnership within our Network conveys a covenant relationship between individuals/leaders/organizations and the leadership of Mutual Faith Ministries & Network.  The level of assistance and oversight by Mutual Faith Ministries & Network is defined by our partners recognizing some share other affiliations while some choose to have exclusive partnership with Mutual Faith Ministries & Network.  We purpose to encourage, equip and resource our partners in their respective callings and missions. Those seeking a more formal ministerial association should contact us at

What Finances Are Required?

Mutual Faith Ministries & Network is supported by the giving of its network partners and donors. We encourage our partners to honor the Biblical principle of giving though donations are not required.  We believe the life exchange shared by our partners results in financial support as we strengthen one another.

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